About Me

Me, posing in front of buildings on the NYC Highline.

Hi! I’m Stella. I’m a History/Spanish double major at Mount Holyoke College and a future Registered Dietitian who believes that everyone deserves a peaceful and joyful relationship with food- and yes, all of those things can be true at once. I believe that food should not be stressful, but rather a source of joy and community.

I blog about disordered eating, eating disorders, diet culture, intuitive eating, intuitive movement, Health at Every Size, food, travel, self care, self trust, body image, anxiety, and life in general. (If you don’t really know what I’m talking about, check out my Resources page). I’ve struggled with restrictive eating (and honestly, restrictive living) in the past and look forward to sharing my journey to a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

I hail from New York City (it’s very important to me that everyone knows this) but go to college in Western Massachusetts. This year I am lucky enough to be studying abroad in Seville, Spain and living in a homestay, which means the blog is going to look a little different until June; in short, less recipes, more travel, more weird food combinations.

In my free time, you usually can find me lying on my friends’ couches, drinking warm beverages with my family, or watching Netflix.

You can read a little about my story here, leave me a message here, and follow me on Instagram here.